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      Chef Oldham realized quickly while submitting regular articles to the Hampton Roads Magazine that he was strongly passionate in promoting and highlighting his projects, because he truly understands the competitive nature of the business and his personal identity as a chef. Considering the average spike after being highlighted on a nation platform is between 30-40% increase in revenue, it explains his interest in the venture. From magazines to national networks, you will find Chef Ronnie Oldham giving recipes for fall foliage, or being interviewed for his fresh take on waste free kitchens...the next move into the future. He understands the importance of his continuously constant conversation with his target demographic. 


    Fox Nation recently highlighted Chef Ronnie Oldham on Park'dtheir national award winning travel show for his culinary accomplishments at West End Tavern, located on the famous Pearl Street of Boulder, Colorado. Chef Oldham finds himself comfortable, entertaining and enjoys the opportunity to promote his current projects. The episode will air globally in November 2023.


   Chef Oldham has been a staple in FSR Culinary Magazine, which serves the $300 billion full service restaurant industry, and they have heralded Chef Ronnie for his food waste initiatives, with "Forgotten to Fine Dining," a menu innovation article showcasing Chef Ronnie's Family Meal at Balzac Wine Bar in Milwaukee, providing an innovative, playful and modern dining experience. Once again, Chef Ronnie found himself amongst such celebrated names as Chef Eric Ripert, Le Bernadin, three Michelin Star restaurant in Manhattan, Stephanie Izard, Top Chef and James Beard Award Winning Chicago and Los Angeles restauranteur, of Girl & the Goat,  and Josh Henderson, Seattle street food pioneer and "restaurant maven", of Skillet & Westwardbeing award the Top Ten Ethical Eats in America. 

     With current numerous highlights and interviews in Colorado publications, from articles to advertorials, most recently Boulder Weekly declares that "Oldham's travels were a masterclass in culinary art," as he "waxes poetic about his process."  Denver Post affirms that Chef Ronnie's contemporary mastery of BBQ is "upscale" and "has a smoke ring that smacks you in the face." He has made his mark in one of the top culinary markets in the United States being sited as "4th Hottest Food City in America".


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